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4 Most Expensive Celebrity E-Rings

It really needs a lot of determination and strong heart to resist the charm of a dazzling diamond ring. There can be no woman who would not accept that the mere sight of a majestic diamond ring moves her heart. This becomes all the more special when we get a chance to have a look at the celebrity diamond rings.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Today, let us read about the 4 most expensive and popular celebrity diamond engagement rings.

1) Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez's 6

She has been engaged 4 times, but none of her engagement rings could beat the glamour displayed by the ring given to her by Ben Affleck. It was a pink diamond ring weighing 6.1 carat and its estimated cost was around 1.2 million in 2002.

2) Kim Kardashian:

Diamond engagement ring of kim

Her second husband proposed her with a jaw dropping beauty of $2 million. It has an emerald cut center stone which is flanked by a pair of 2 carat trapezoids.

3) Paris Hilton:

Paris Hilton 24 carat diamond ring

A short lived engagement of mere 4 months witnessed a proposal having 24 carat canary diamond engagement ring. Her fiancée Paris Latsis gave her this ring which was worth $4.7 million.

4) Anna Kournikova:

Anna Kournikova Pink Diamond Ring

The lady was proposed with a majestic pink diamond ring. It is 11 carat pear shaped diamond ring. This stone was mined in Australia and the ring’s estimated price ranges between $2.5 to 6 million.

Vanessa Hudgens grabs all the attention at the Young Hollywood Awards

The starry night of July 27th, 2014 witnessed a star studded award function in Los Angeles. The young ladies flaunted the best styles and accessories which are to become the trend setter in the times to come. Let us read about some of the ones who were the main attractions of the evening.

1) Vanessa Hudgens: The glamorous lady showed off her toned abs in a blue colored Bongo crop top and flowy, high-waist white pants. She was honored with the Trendsetter of the Year award. She looked very fresh as she accessorized with her favorite Boho bangles and silver [...] Continue Reading…

Famous Colored Diamonds

We all love the dazzle and glisten of the diamonds and their beauty is increased multiple times, when they display the irresistibly beautiful colors. These colored diamonds, popularly known as the fancy diamonds have become the foremost choice of the people. Let us read about the 4 most famous colored diamonds that have grabbed the attention of the world:
1) The Hope Diamond-

This diamond is named after its purchaser, Henry Thomas Hope. It is interesting to know that initially it was thought to be a blue sapphire. Its history speaks that it is Indian in origin and it then travelled [...] Continue Reading…

Powers and Properties of Diamonds

Which heart won’t move at the sight of the dazzling diamonds? Rightly called as the king of gems, this stone exhibits exceptional beauty, glisten and glamour. Right from the common people to the celebrities, we won’t find anyone who is not influenced by the bewitching beauty of this stunning stone.
Not only the perfectly shining white diamonds, but the fancy diamonds (colored diamonds) have also grabbed the attention of the masses and have left them stunned. Very few of us know the fact that diamonds are popular not only for their irresistible beauty, but also for their said mystical powers [...] Continue Reading…

Sparkle with custom-design diamond jewelry

Diamonds are certainly a winner whether they sit on a traditional masterpiece or a voguish jewel. Their sparkle and brilliance are unparalleled. They can never lose their significance in the world of jewelry. And this is the reason many famous designers come up with creative and stylish jewelry pieces, using the same sparklers. It is really interesting to look at the impeccable ways in which the vintage white diamonds are flaunted.
All women have some special sentiments attached with diamonds, and their lust for them can never end. They have an exceptional eye for style and fashion when [...] Continue Reading…

Mila Kunis wears a Ring!

Yes, we know that you all are eagerly waiting for Mila to walk down the aisle with her love; Ashton Kutcher. The couple was dating for two years and recently got engaged a few months ago.

It seems as if the Two and a Half Men actor and Mila tried hard to keep their relationship private, but a huge rock on her ring finger revealed everything out. The sparkler is a diamond beauty and according to diamond expert Adelaide Polk- Bauman, “The ring seems to be a diamond solitaire style with a center diamond, I estimate it to be around [...] Continue Reading…

Glistening Jewelry- Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Almost all women love a glistening piece of jewelry as a gift. We know that you must have tried it for your special someone, friend, sister etc. Try it this time for your mom on the mother’s day.

The online jewelry stores and the traditional brick & mortar shops are flooded with mother’s jewelry & grandmother’s jewelry to let you have a wide range of options to choose from. Many of them even allow you to get it custom made in your budget and her taste. These personalized mother’s jewelry will carry special meaning and you mom will love it [...] Continue Reading…

Celebrity Diamond Rings!

Hollywood actresses are the most loved celebs and people tend to follow everything they do. Their outfits and hair styles become the fashion trend of the time. When their fans follow them in every manner, then how can their magnificent diamond rings remain unnoticed?

Let us check out some of the most popular and talked about celebrity diamond rings:
1) Kim Kardashian’s 20 carat diamond engagement ring is a jaw dropping beauty.

2) Elizabeth Taylor’s 33.19 carat diamond ring was presented to her by her fifth husband Richard Burton.

3) Beyonce’s ultimate sparker is the dream of many women. Her emerald cut diamond [...] Continue Reading…

Angelina steals all the Attention at Oscars

As we all waited passionately for the great evening to arrive, all our wait and eagerness was well answered with the star studded celebs sprinkling their glamour to the Oscar Awards 2014. It was worth witnessing how our beloved stars dressed up and have set new trends for us to follow.

Though the special night was dazzled with so many sensuous ladies, yet Angelina Jolie managed to steal all the attention and she sparkled far more than anyone else could do. For the event, she wore Elie Saab Haute Couture gown which was distinctively designed with sparkling bead work dripping [...] Continue Reading…

Black Color is Sensuous!

Black color, if worn and carried with grace and elegance, can surpass any other color. This hue looks amazingly stunning especially in chilly winters.
You can choose this color to adorn you when you are going for a date on a cold winter evening. Needless to say, the white snow everywhere will best compliment your black style. The black color can be displayed with a stylish dress, clutch, jewelry, footwear, nail paint- you can choose all or some of these to let the hue adorn you.

Black is Life of Color
This color can also be mixed and matched well with other [...] Continue Reading…

Huge Discount on Angara Diamond Jewelry