The most famous pink diamonds

Darya-i-Noor#1 Darya-i-Noor

At 182 carats (36g), the Darya-i-noor is the world’s largest pink diamond. Darya-i- Noor is a Persian word which means ‘sea of light’. The diamond has a pale pink hue, one of the rarest to be found in diamonds. Persia’s Nadir Shah took this diamond to Persia among many other valuables including the Koh-i-noor, Noor-ul-Ail and jewel studded peacock throne of Shah Jahan, when he looted Delhi in 1739.

The Darya-i-Noor diamond is a table cut with exceptional clarity. It comes from the ancient Golconda mines of Andhra Pradesh, India. At present the diamond is displayed at the Central Bank of Iran at Tehran as a part of Iranian Crown Jewels.


#2 Noor-ul-AinNoor-ul-Ain

This beautiful oval cut diamond weighing 60 carats, is the second largest pink diamond in the world. Noor-ul-ain is a Persian word which means ‘eye of the light’. This diamond forms the center piece of the tiara that was designed by Harry Winston in 1958 for Empress Farah Diba’s wedding with Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi.

Nadir Shah plundered this diamond along with Darya-i-noor and Koh-i-noor when he sacked Delhi in 1739. This diamond also comes from the legendary Golconda Diamond Mines of India.

Noor-ul-ain and Darya-i-noor are belived to come from a huge 400 carat, pale pink diamond that was referred to as ‘Diamanta Grande Table’ (The Great Table Diamond) by Jean Baptiste Tavernier, a 17th Century French Traveler and Jeweler.


Steinmetz Pink Diamond#3 Steinmetz Pink Diamond

The Steinmetz Pink Diamond weighing 59.60 carats is the third largest pink diamond in the world and the largest Fancy Vivid Pink color diamond in the world. It took the Steinmetz Group 20 months to cut this stone from a 100 carat rough into this diamond of extraordinary color it has been graded internally flawless. This diamond has very unique oval mixed cut, with step cut crown and brilliant cut pavilion.

This fine gem was first unveiled to the public on 29th May, 2003. This pink diamond was displayed in Smithsonian Institute’s ‘Splendor of Diamonds’ collection along with De Beer’s Millennium Star, The Heart of Eternity and Moussaieff Red Diamond (world’ largest fancy red diamond).


#4 Shah Jahan DiamondShah Jahan Diamond

This table cut or flat diamond, weighing 56.71 carats comes fourth in the list of world’s largest pink diamonds. This diamond resembles the octagonal diamond that Shah Jahan wore in his turban. In 1985 this diamond was displayed at an auction by the London jewelers Christies, but it wasn’t sold.


#5 Agra Diamond

Agra DiamondAt 32.34 carats, Agra Diamond is the fifth largest pink diamond in the world. The gem gets its name from the famous city of Taj Mahal, Agra which was the capital of the Mogul Empire for many years. It was in the reign of the sixth Mogul Emperor, Aurangzeb, that the capital was shifted to Delhi in 1658. This pink diamond is believed to be worn by the third Mogul Emperor Akbar in his turban.

On 20th June 1990, the Christies put Agra Diamond up for auction. The diamond was sold to SIBA Corporation of Hong Kong for 1.5 million Sterling Pounds. The 32.34 carat diamond is now re-cut and modified into a cushion shaped 28.15 carat diamond.


Pink Sunrise Diamond#6 Pink Sunrise Diamond

At 29.78 carats, the Pink Sunrise Diamond ranks sixth in the list of world’s largest pink diamonds. This diamond

was cut by the renowned diamond cutter Gabi Tolkowsky. This was his way of paying a tribute to the great heart shaped 273.85 carat Centenary diamond. The Pink Sunrise diamond has a rare, flawless pink hue. Gabi Tolkowsky is the famed cutter of the Golden Jubilee. According to him Pink Sunrise was a unique and rare historical pink diamond that appeared in the beginning of the 21st Century.


Rose of Dubai Diamond#7 Rose of Dubai Diamond

Rose of Dubai is a pear shaped pink diamond that was auctioned by the Christies on 19th October, 2005 in New York. Dubai based diamond dealer, Amer Radwan bought this diamond for 6 million US dollars. Soon after he bought the diamond, he gave the diamond its present name.

Rose of Dubai graded as Fancy pink at 25.02 carats, is the seventh largest pink diamond in the world.


#8 Mouawad Lilac Diamond

Mouawad Lilac Diamond

Mouawad Lilac Diamond is en emerald cut diamond graded with Fancy Pink color. This diamond weighs 24.44 carats, and is the eighth largest pink diamond in the world.

The diamond is approximated to have come from the South African Diamond Mines. The Mouawad Lilac Diamond made its first public appearance on 5th June 1976, at Sotheby’s auction in Zurich, Switzerland. After a successful bidding the diamond was sold to Robert Mouawad for 2,700,000 Swiss Francs. Robert Mouawad is the owner of world renowned Mouawad Jewelers, that was established by his grandfather Daoud Mouawd in 1890.


The Williamson Diamond#9 The Williamson Diamond

At 23.56 carats, this is the ninth largest pink diamond in the world. The Williamson Diamond gets its name from Dr. John Williamson. Dr. John Williamson discovered this diamond in 1947 in his own mines known as Williamson Diamond Mines or Mwadui Diamond Mines. He later gifted this diamond in its rough state to Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) at her wedding.

In 1948, the diamond was cut and polished by Briefel and Lemer of London. Jewelry firm Cartier’s were then asked to design a flower shaped brooch with this diamond as the centerpiece.


Graff Pink Orchid Diamond

#10 Graff Pink Orchid Diamond

The pink orchid diamond weighs 22.84 carats and is the tenth largest pink diamond in the world. It is a very rare variety with purplish pink color that resembles the color of an orchid. This is a marquise shaped diamond and is owned by the Graff Jewelers of London. This pink orchid diamond is estimated to be worth at least 12 million US dollars.



List of world’s most famous pink diamonds



Carat Weight


1 Darya-ye Noor


Pale pink
2 Noor-ol-Ain Diamond


Pale pink
3 Steinmetz Pink Diamond


Vivid pink
4 Shah Jahan Diamond


Light pink
5 Agra Diamond


Fancy light pink
6 Pink Sunrise Diamond


Light pink
7 Rose of Dubai Diamond


Light pink
8 The Mouawad Lilac Diamond


Fancy purplish pink
9 The Williamson Diamond


Light pink
10 The Graff Pink Orchid Diamond


Fancy purplish pink


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