Famous Colored Diamonds

We all love the dazzle and glisten of the diamonds and their beauty is increased multiple times, when they display the irresistibly beautiful colors. These colored diamonds, popularly known as the fancy diamonds have become the foremost choice of the people. Let us read about the 4 most famous colored diamonds that have grabbed the attention of the world:

1) The Hope Diamond-

This diamond is named after its purchaser, Henry Thomas Hope. It is interesting to know that initially it was thought to be a blue sapphire. Its history speaks that it is Indian in origin and it then travelled around the world. At present, it is on display at the Smithosonian Institute in Washington.

2) The Red Shield Diamond-

This triangular shaped diamond is red in color and it is considered one of the rarest gems ever found. It is also the largest red diamond ever graded by the GIA. It weighs 5.11 carats and is sometimes referred to have trillion cut. In 2011-2012, this gorgeous gemstone was purchased by Moussaieff Jewellers Ltd.

3) The Allnatt Diamond-

The fancy vivid yellow colored diamond of VS2 clarity has been certified by the GIA. It is 101.29 carat and is cushion cut. It was auctioned at the Christies in May 1996 and fetched a large amount of $3,043,496.

4) Steinmetz Pink Diamond-

It is the largest known pink diamond of the world. Normally, pink diamonds are smaller in size, but this mighty diamond weighs 59.60 carat. It is assessed as internally flawless diamond, which is extremely rare for pink diamonds.

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