The month of Diamonds!

Its April and I just love this month! Yes, you guessed it right .. it’s because April is the month of diamonds. And, as a proud woman it is very much my duty to treat diamonds with utmost respect and love them till my last breath.

I know I tend to get a bit melodramatic when I talk about diamonds, but then I can’t really help myself especially when I am talking about diamonds. If you are a woman you would know my feelings, and I know our feelings are mutual. However, if you happen to be a man, well you got to gift your lady a piece of diamond to know what I am talking about.

It doesn’t matter if you are an April born or not! Celebrate life, make that special someone feel loved and trust me there is never a more beautiful way to say I love You than with diamonds. Not only every woman loves diamonds, it is something she can never get tired of, something she can never have enough of!

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