Natural Colored Diamonds – How much do you know about them

There is an old saying that goes something like ‘Imperfection is more Perfect than Perfection itself’ and this goes true for our life and for the much loved diamonds.

Diamonds come in wide array of interesting colors and shades. While most of the diamonds that we see in jewelry have tints of yellow or brown in them. But when the color is prominent the diamonds are then referred to as Fancy Colored Diamonds.

Diamonds exist in many colors than yellow and brown. Over 300 different shades and colors of diamonds have been identified till now which includes rare colors such as red, purple and green.

Colored Diamonds

Do you know exactly what are Natural Colored Diamonds or How how do these diamonds get their wonderful colors?

A pure crystal of diamond would be made up of all carbon atoms and such a diamond would be colorless. But this is a very rare case. Most of the time during its crystallization process, certain impurities become a part of the crystal, imparting exciting hues to the colorless rock. Lot of times, it is also the physical conditions such as intense pressure or temperature that results into these lively colors.

It ain’t no cheap affair! Fancy Colored Diamonds are very rare and thus they come with exorbitant price tags that can make anyone gasp for air.

They say if you love the sparkle of diamonds and the enticing hues of gemstones than Fancy Colored Diamonds is what you should go for. These stunning hued diamonds are more and more frequently seen on the red carpet gracing our favorite celebs.

Colored diamonds have recently gained much limelight because their increased promotion by jewelry companies, however they are surely not a new find. These diamonds have been in existence for as long as world has known the word gemstones.

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