How to care for your Wedding Bands

Wedding band is that piece of jewelry which is not only very dear to any person, but also speaks of your marital status. It carries emotional value and you fall in love every time you see and feel it on your finger.

When this piece of jewelry carries importance for lifetime, then surely this needs special care as well. Let’s discuss about some tips to keep it glistening forever-

  1. You should always wear the band after wearing clothes and finishing with make-up and sprays. The prongs on the band can get entangled with the threads of the clothes, so better wear it after putting them on. Moreover, the lotions, hair sprays and perfumes etc. can form a layer on the surface of the band and make it look dull. Best to wear it when these tasks are already completed.
  2. It is advisable to remove the band when performing the works involving water. Fingers tend to shrink in water and there are chances of band slipping of your finger. Hence, avoid wearing rings/bands in water, unless it is very important.
  3. You should surely put the band in some secure place and do not put in near garbage bins etc. If you wear it on vacation, then do not leave behind in hotel room just like that. Be sure to place it in hotel safe and then go out.
  4. Keep cleaning the bands from time to time at home using mild detergent and warm water. Visiting the jeweler once or twice a year will ensure that the band is in proper shape. He will check your band and its setting professionally.
  5. Last, but not the least, it is suggested to get it ensured. You will not like to lose/damage your wedding band. But, unfortunately if it happens, at least the insurance will help you bear the loss.

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