How to say sorry to the girl?

This one is for all the guys who face the serious problem of annoying the girlfriend. So the first point is whether you were rude to her or forget her birthday or was again late for the date. It is better to choose the apology gift depending on your crime.

1. You are always late so that’s your habit. You might not to it intentionally but the last night hangover or your forgetful attitude always comes up as the root cause of being late. Anyways, girls really don’t like to wait so before she dump you for that reason you should find a solution. And the solution is to bring her something nice or cute every time you are late (basically every time you meet).

girlfriend gifts

She will definitely love anything ‘cute’. Start with a flower, then a teddy, a pack of chocolates, an ice-cream treat, a romantic heart charm and finally you are on time.

2. Another situation was being rude. Make sure you never repeat that else you might have to find a new girl. To apologize for your irrational behavior, you have to think something dramatic. A chocolate or a flower will not work here. Girls are very touchy. They can’t bear loud voices (except for the music) and never like to be let down by anyone especially by a boyfriend. So for that matter, you better keep your ego aside and find a beautiful solitaire birthstone pendant to show her that you are very sorry for what you have said or done and that she meant a lot to you.

Jewelry is a perfect gift for such situations as its considered as the best friend of any girl. Might be some day the researchers will find the reason of this deep love but for a time being jewelry helps enhancing the beauty and it’s an accessory that never goes out of fashion. In addition, it is very symbolic and can express a lot without the support of all those heavy words. For example, if your girl is September born, get her a sapphire birthstone pendant. A solitaire is a timeless gift and a regal choice. She will definitely understand your emotions and would except your apology.

3. If you have forgotten her birthday or any special date that means a lot to her then you have done a serious sin. Apology for such a big crime requires extra efforts and thoughts. A gift is not enough; you actually have to plan something unique and big. Now your plan also depends on her personality and choice. If she were more of a fun loving girl then a rocking bash in her honor would be great.

For a girl with reserve nature, a weekend getaway to a romantic countryside is an amazing idea. Additionally, don’t forget to pamper her with cute gifts. Here again a piece of jewelry will rock. You can slip a promise ring with a special message engraved or can simply present her with a pair of earrings set with her favorite gemstone. Anyways, she should believe that you are sincerely sorry.

Girls are very sentimental and they simply can’t handle any misbehavior. Being into a relationship, you should understand what makes her happy or sad. Never speak or do anything that could hurt her. Just be true to her and you might not require many options to convey your apology

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