November-babies are really blessed

november birthstone

November-born people are known to gain other’s attention towards their mysterious and magnetic personality. They are very passionate and have an intuitive mind, which is a significant reason to earn them recognition and credit in their professional and personal life. Above all, November babies are blessed to have not one but two soothing gemstones, namely Topaz and Citrine. The ocean-blue of topaz and light sunny yellow of citrine are revered as birthstones of the people born in the month of November.

Universally distinguished as ‘Imperial Topaz’, the crystal is also found in other bright hues such as yellow, purple, pink, orange and other tinges of blue. This vibrant stone has remained a popular choice among A-list stars on many red carpet events. Last year’s Emmy Awards witnessed the arrival of Allison Williams in a light pink topaz ring dazzling in her finger. Many other beauties like Cate Blanchett and Shaun Robinson had been seen donning blue topaz in their ears.

The gem has been appreciated for its qualities of true friendship and love. Ancient Greeks were of the opinion that this intriguing gemstone has the capability of providing strength and patience in the days of need. It is among one of the loyal and lucky charmers that brings goodwill to the wearer. Aside from this, it is considered as an incredible healer to fuming emotions, diseases like asthma and blood disorders and thereby, refreshing a person’s mind with pure thoughts.

The second November birthstone, Citrine is a symbol of hope and vigor. Its golden hue is said to bring divine warmth to the owner. Clearing all negative energies from mind and heart is an admirable feature of the birthstone. This mental clarity leads to boosting of confidence and willpower of the person.

With two captivating gems as birthstones for November children, the mystical benefits such as good health, wealth, name and fame redouble. Adding on to this is a noteworthy advantage that both the gems are not really very expensive; stylish ensembles containing topaz and citrine can be given as gifts to your friends in the festive occasions.

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