Understanding Diamond Shapes

Thinking about buying diamond jewelry or investing in diamond, it becomes almost essential that you understand the various shapes of diamonds.

Shape is however different from the cut of the stone. Cut refers to the proportionality and finish of the rock. The way a diamond is cut greatly affects its clarity and brilliance. Shape on the other hand is the outward appearance of the stone.

Some of the popular shapes of diamond are :


Round Brilliant Cut – This is the most popular cut in diamonds. More than 80% of cut diamonds in world have a round shape. This particular cut is appreciated for its ability to accentuate the brilliance and fire of the gem.


Princess Cut – Also referred to a quadrillion, princess cut is the most popular of diamond shapes after round brilliant cut. If you are getting a princess cut diamond in your jewelry, you should take special notice that the corners of the diamonds are protected.


Oval Cut – This cut was developed somewhere in the 1960s. Oval cutis the narrower and the longer version of the round cut. An oval cut diamond is as good as round cut when we talk of brilliance and fire of the gem, however, it costs much lesser.


Pear Shape – Also known as tear drop, pear shaped diamonds look classic and make excellent center stones for rings.

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