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Glistening Jewelry- Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Almost all women love a glistening piece of jewelry as a gift. We know that you must have tried it for your special someone, friend, sister etc. Try it this time for your mom on the mother’s day.

Mom Heart Pendant With Garnet, Tanzanite, Peridot in 14k White GoldFloral Border Pendant With Blue Sapphire in 14k Yellow Gold

The online jewelry stores and the traditional brick & mortar shops are flooded with mother’s jewelry & grandmother’s jewelry to let you have a wide range of options to choose from. Many of them even allow you to get it custom made in your budget and her taste. These personalized mother’s jewelry will carry special meaning and you mom will love it through and through.

Floral Border Earrings With Peridot in 14k White GoldTwisted Shank Ring With Aquamarine, Peridot, Pink Tourmaline in 14k Yellow Gold

If you choose the gemstone studded jewelry, you can opt to have her birthstone studded in it. Another option is to have that gem studded in it which can best display her favorite color. Combining diamonds with the gems is another fascinating idea which will never fail.

Heart Pendant With Ruby in 14k White GoldSquare Solitaire Studs With Diamond in 14k White Gold

A pendant that hangs close to her heart, a ring that delicately adorns her finger, a pair of earrings that add grace to her face, a beautiful bracelet that will beautify her, etc. can be some of the jewelry options for her. You can choose one of them or combine some of them to make a perfect jewelry set gift for your loving mom.

Platinum Fine Jewelry for your Man for This Holiday Season

If your man is conscious about his looks and spend more than average in matching his accessories every time, chances are that he might like a statement piece of fine jewelry in his collection.

Men are not very fond of jewelry and they generally don’t have many jewelry pieces so they want a subtle piece if they are going for one. Watches, bracelets and rings are few things that indicate a man’s choice and class. So isn’t it a good idea to present something which is not only good but could make a style statement for him.

A platinum jewelry is then a perfect choice. Platinum is one of the most precious metals and lends a fine and elite impression. Celebrities and royalties have been cherishing platinum for years. The shine of platinum remains forever and ever and it never goes out of fashion.

Twisted-Comfort-Fit-Wedding-Band-in-Platinum_SR0303 Classic-Wedding-Band-in-Platinum_SR0309 Round-Diamond-Hammered-Wedding-Band-in-Platinum_SR0304D

Men generally don’t have much as jewelry but a platinum band can be their best bet. It not only suits their personality but also compliments their style senses. You can find endless and exceptionally handsome designs in platinum bands. Platinum bands are in vogue and more and more people are looking for fine jewelry which adds a brilliance of sophistication to their collection.

Platinum fine jewelry gives quality over quantity which most men want from their jewelry so consider buying a piece that has right masculine touch and finish to boost their style this season.

Unique Diamond Rings for Your Loved One

Diamond Rings – Gift for Your Loved One

A gift of jewelry has always been considered pretty romantic. In fact the best way to woo a lady is to shower her with jewelry presents for we have to admit that women like nothing better than jewelry. Rings especially are sentimental pieces of jewelry that emote a lot. So when it is a diamond ring you are gifting you can be rest assured that your lady is going to love it.


Not only because she loves jewelry especially if they are studded with the dazzling diamonds but because women are true romantics at heart and she is sure to love the emotions that come hand in hand with a sparkling diamond ring. So if you’ve been wondering lately what to gift your sweetheart that will make her heart leap with joy, a beautiful sapphire ring with diamond is the answer.

There is no better way to win her heart than with a diamond ring and in case you have forgotten let me remind you that diamonds are considered to be every woman’s best friend and she simply cannot resist their shimmer. Whether set in white gold, yellow gold or platinum a diamond ring always stands out due to its glitter and appeal.

Diamond rings of any style make a good gift for your lady. These days diamond rings are available in a wide range of designs and styles to choose from so you can pick one that you think will suit your beloved’s style and preference.

Whether a classic diamond solitaire ring in the conventional but brilliant round or a more contemporary princess cut, a cluster of diamonds set together in an elaborate floral ring setting, an intricately set diamond eternity band or a traditional diamond three stone ring, there are plenty of styles to pick from.

If you have something particular in mind you can always ask your jeweler to design it for you for what can be dearer than a diamond ring that you yourself have designed for her. Trust me this particular diamond ring is sure to be her favorite and she will not let go of any opportunity of flaunting this very special piece.

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Angara’s Diamond Jewelry Gifts: A Class Apart!

Diamond is forever, known for its ageless & unchanging beauty has been a admired by one and all. Diamond jewelry is not only making you stand out but also seen as a worthwhile investment. The different types of diamond jewelry such as rings, earrings, pendants and various others appeal to the jewelry buyers all around the world. Diamond Jewelry has a power to captivate and keep the onlookers spellbound.


Round Blue and White Diamond Three Stone Earrings in 14K White Gold (0.3 ctw.)


Round Diamond Designer Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold (0.2 ctw.)

Diamond Jewelry is crafted into metal like silver, gold and platinum and diamonds is mined in different colors. These unique and rare pieces of jewelry are also preferred as gifts to loved ones at the time of  birthdays, wedding ceremony, anniversary & other celebrations. Diamond Jewelry are the most appropriate gift for bride to be for that can be presented on occasions such as her bachelorette party and Valentine’s Day as well as birthday gifts. The designs displayed above & below are available online on Angara.


Blue Diamond Pendant in 14K White Gold (0.5 ctw.)


Diamond Hoop Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold (2/5 ct. tw.)


Round Diamond Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver


Round Diamond Interlinked Circle Pendant in 14K Two Tone Gold (0.2 ctw.)

Angara, the online jewelry store, has an exclusive range of the diamond jewelry and gemstone jewelry accessories that can be shopped at affordable prices. Shop at Angara & save, with the assurance of lowest price on all jewelry accessories, free FedEx shipping all over US over $150, 30 days money back guarantee and up to 80% off in all gemstone jewelry products purchased from Angara are just few of the splendid offers which are offered on the website.


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Huge Discount on Angara Diamond Jewelry