Celebrity Engagement Rings

The celebrity jewelry has always inspired us and we look forward to seeing them wearing a new piece. When we talk of their engagement rings, our curiosity and excitement reaches zenith. Each celebrity wears e-ring special in its own way. Let’s discuss some of the most stunning engagement rings:

Victoria Beckham:
Did you know that the lady has at least 13 rings from her husband in 15 years of married life? Yes, this is true, husband David Beckham has showed his immense love in form of these rings which are estimated to be around $6.5 million. We are totally impressed by his great way of showing affection with forever pieces of jewelry.

Victoria Beckham's Rings

Nicole Kidman:
Country star Keith Urban proposed to the gorgeous beauty with a diamond stunner. His ring is as unique and elegant as his love. Rather than the prevailing fashion and trend of a solitaire engagement ring, he chose a Cartier ring of diamonds which reflects irresistible beauty. It’s estimated worth is around $50,000 and it sits elegantly around her finger.

Kim Kardashian:
Rapper Kanye West has in fact set the standards too high for others who dream to propose their love. He arranged a huge engagement and Kim was left speechless. She gladly accepted the proposal and her e-ring became the talk of the town. A massive 15 carat diamond ring which is worth $1.25 million adds some more glamour to her angelic beauty.


Blake Lively:
She is the lucky lady who got 12 carat diamond ring for proposal. The world was shocked with the sudden wedding of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in 2012. Oval diamond ring is estimated to be of around $2 million.

Blake Lively

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