Jewelry Couture 2014: The Glory of Gold

It’s time to wind up all the fashion trends of the year as seen on the red carpet. Award ceremonies are always counted for three things: outfits, jewelry and makeup. Every event is a mix of trendsetting and disastrous fashion appearances. However, in no sense, jewelry has ever contributed to any fashion failure.

2014 had been a lavish and sparkling year in terms of celeb’s jewels.  There had been seen a huge rush of diamond and gold jewelry on the runway. Just like diamonds are a girl’s best friend, no woman on this earth has expressed hatred for the splendor of gold. Being the most traditional metal, gold has earned zillions of fame even among the young and modern girls of the present-day.

Both yellow and rose gold ensembles have taken a mesmerizing and stylish twist in the jewelry world. Gone are the days when this rich, expensive metal only gave a vintage appeal; its grandeur has brought up many show stopper jewels on the aisle.

Jewelry fashion in global globe awards 2014                                                   1.Jullianna  2. Naomi  3.Emilia (center)  4.Elizabeth  5. Julia Louis 

We started the year with Julianna Margulies’ onyx and gold drop earrings and her graceful vintage gold bracelet in the Golden Globes Awards 2014. The ceremony welcomed many more golden startles such as Naomi Watts in her gold micro-pave necklace and Emilia Clarke, who embellished her right hand with three bold gold bracelets. Furthermore, Elizabeth Moss walked the carpet in her geometric triangle gold drop earrings while Julia Louis-Dreyfus stunned her fans with lots of vintage yellow gold blings. Julia flaunted a sparkling rich yellow pair of danglers, a shiny stone-studded bracelet and two spectacular rings; all wrapped in the golden hues.

Jewelry fashion at emmy awards 2014

                                                                     1.Christina Hendrick 2. Katherine Heigl

The 66th Primetime Emmy 2014 was a grand success in terms of shining, glorious arrivals. Nothing was as admirable as Christina Hendrick’s love for gold. All her accessories such as chandelier earrings, clutch, bracelet and stacked bangles contained the brilliance of gold. An uptown yellow gold magic was spelled by Katherine Heigl as she adorned her with a pair of dainty ball earrings, a mix of metal bracelets, and a gorgeous clutch.

This is how promising the companionship of gold jewelry had been in 2014. Certainly, the divine beauty of gold can never put you down in any party or event.

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