Oversized Earrings on the Runway

Ayn Rand said it the best, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” Sometimes imbuing too much of a thing is wonderful, especially in your jewelry. This is the era of massiveness, where girls and women love donning oversized necklaces, rings and earrings. The recent runway trend of oversized earrings isn’t just unbroken from last season; it’s making a bigger statement than ever. We could see some exceptionally huge pairs on the runway of New York Fashion Week lately.

From floral to heart and hoops to chandeliers, all styles favor huge statements. Enchanted with oversized lovelies, fashion models from NYFW runway expressed fondness for varying styles and metals in earrings such as rose gold, vivid gemstones, gold and silver details, and of course, shining diamonds. Bold jewelry goes well with women of all lifestyles and skin tones.

Oversized Earrings on the NYFW 2015 Runway

Whether you choose bright colors or meek stones, big earrings spice up any outfit you wear. They stimulate a classy look on all face shapes. Though oversized earrings do not accompany you to your office, they are fantastic pickups for a friend’s party, a formal event or music fests.

Not only on the runway, but we also witnessed an immense fever for enormous and gigantic ear candies on the red carpet events of 2015. This year’s Golden Globes and Grammys caught sight of some exceptionally glittering and overhanging earrings. Amal Clooney, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry celebrated this trend with great enthusiasm. We could even spot immensity in stud style as that in Rihanna’s stunning diamond studs at Grammy.

Ear Candies on the Red Carpet Events of 2015

Go overboard and fill in your closets with this vintage yet chic jewelry genre. The trend is revolutionizing, and you can set a dramatic statement with prodigious and whopping jewelry, this spring season.

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