Popular Diamond Engagement Rings

As we are in the month of April, which luckily has diamond as its birthstone, let us talk about some of the all time popular diamond engagement rings. Our beloved Hollywood celebrities have time and again openly showed their love for this dazzling gemstone and have given it special place in their engagement rings.

Some of these rings have created a special niche and will always be remembered. Today, we will talk about some of them and their sky high prices-

Elizabeth Taylor: No ring has ever even touched the popularity that her ring has enjoyed over the years. Even price wise, hers is the best so far. Richard Burton presented her with a ring weighing 33.19 carats and its market value is estimated to be around $8.8 million.


Kim Kardashian: Second on the list is she, who was proposed by Kanye West. He made it a point to make a grand proposal and the actress was in awe after seeing it. She loved the surprise of an engagement ring weighing 15 carats and which is valued to be of $8 million.


Beyonce: The singing super star is lucky enough to have Jay Z as her fiancé. He gave her special ring worth $5 million. The 18 carat diamond ring adorns her beauty magically.

Jacqueline Kennedy: A ring weighing 40 carats and worth $2.6 million was presented to her by fiancé Aristotle Onassis. She wore the stunning ring elegantly on her ring finger.


 Angelina Jolie: Her beauty can be rightly said to be that of angels, and her ring is no less than that. Brad Pitt presented her with half a million dollar ring which weighs 10 carats.


We like Taylor’s ring the best. Whom do you think possesses the best ring of all? Share with us your views.

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