‘The Style of Jolie’ Jewelry Collection

Remember the black diamond jewelry that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie designed in collaboration with Robert Procop. Well Jolie has again collaborated with her old friend and jewelry designer Procop to produce a fine range of gemstone jewels, some of which she has worn in the past.

black diamond cufflink from the Asprey collection

Jolie diamond choker from the tourist

The proceeds of this ‘The Style of Jolie’ Jewelry collection will benefit her foundation which works for the Children of Conflict. The collection includes Diamond Choker that Jolie wore in The Tourist, green beryl earrings that she wore at the NYC premier, and many other fine gemstone jewelry.

‘The Style of Jolie’ Jewelry Collection

Jolie had partnered with Robert Procop in past when Brad Pitt and she had produced the ‘Protector collection at Asprey’.

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