Cannes Stumbles upon Flatgate Controversy

Though Cannes Film Festival takes place every year, yet our excitement to see it and read more about it never fades away. And, this year it is all, full of golden glamour, classic attitudes and hot controversies.

Talking along the same lines, let us discuss one of the most talked of controversy, popularly known as flatgate controversy. According to sources, many models and actresses were stopped from attending gala screenings, as they preferred to wear platform sandals. It is also said that some women were physically pushed away.The ‘high heels enforcement policy’demotivated many celebrities, as they were not allowed to appear on Red Carpet.

Cannes #Flatgate Controversy

The whole controversy revolves around compulsion of wearing high heels as a part of the dress code. Thierry Fremaux, Festival Director, denied existence of a high-heels enforcement policy, but Emily Blunt said the news was “very disappointing.”

Though, we do not know what is the truth and who is telling a lie, but in any situation, women should not be forced to wear high heels or anything against their will and comfort.This year the French Film Festival has surely stumbled upon this flatgate controversy.Do you think alike? Share with us your views on this entire controversy.

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