Details of Ashley Hebert’s Wedding Ring

While engagement rings of these reality shows like Bachelor and Bachelorette are highly publicized but we hardly get to talk about their wedding rings, as many a time these couples break off even before taking the trip down the aisle. But one couple has proved that reality TV can help someone in finding the soul mate and we feel that the wedding ring of this couple will be as extraordinary as this couple. When reality TV star Ashley Hebert had said “I do” to her beau J.P. Rosenbaum the sparkle of her eye was best matched by the ring which adorned her finger.

Ashley Hebert engagement Ring copy

The couple opted for wedding bands that would perfectly pair up with the engagement ring. Her engagement ring must have evoked many memories of how she received it at Fiji’s Vomo Island Resort. Her exotic wedding ring has French-cut diamonds in middle row flanked by rows of round diamonds on either side all in a platinum setting.

Ashley Hebert

As for other jewelry for her trip to the altar, the bride on her special day wore a 30-carat bracelet and a set of 1-carat, vintage drop earrings.

Ashley Hebert  wear vintage drop earrings

The groom also wore a platinum band which accented in the middle with a raised elliptical edge. J.P. also received a gift of a set of five-carat diamond and platinum cufflinks for the nuptials.

Rosenbaum Recieve Diamond & Platinum Cufflink Sets

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