Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are ‘absolutely’ not splitting

Despite of all the separation and divorce rumors, Faith Hill has always been seen with her engagement ring on. So what does that means? Simply, the country singer couple has cleared recently that divorce or any such thing is ‘not a moment too soon’.

Faith after performing in Las Vegas with her hubby of 17 years defended their relationship. ‘Rumors are running crazy right now for some reasons. It is perplexing.’ said Faith. She strongly insisted they are ‘absolutely’ staying married, despite all those rumors.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at an Award Function

McGraw meanwhile also came forward to show their united efforts against the salacious stories about their split. “We have been married for 17 years, and since the first week of our marriage those things were out. But we don’t even think about It.” told the singer. “The only time we think of these rumors is when we worry about our daughters. And as they are around it, they too laugh it off.”

Hill and McGraw together have three daughters the eldest is Gracie, 16, the middle one is Maggie, 15, and the youngest is Audrey, 12.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw with Children

Hill while speaking to Billboard mentioned the belief of people on such rumors about her marriage was very frustrating.

This united step of the couple against the rumors would definitely zip the mouths. And if somebody still has any second thought, that brilliant and magnificent diamond engagement ring on Faith’s holly finger would be the perfect answer.

Faith and Tim are one of the few live examples of eternal bonding. It is easy to get out of any relationship but staying in it and managing all the odds is what makes it strong and timeless.

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