Is Miley Cyrus’s Diamond Ring an Engagement Bling?

The former Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus was spotted with a heart throbbing round diamond ring. She posted a photo with a tweet ‘I’m soooo obsessed with @jennahipp foundation! It looks chic and classic!’ though she was obsessed for the manicure we became insane for her ultra-brilliant diamond ring.


It even raised the question if the songstress is engaged to her beau Liam Hemsworth as she was wearing it on her ring finger. Later a source of her cleared that it’s just a diamond ring and not the engagement ring.

The bauble Miley spotted was a sleek and simple round diamond yellow gold floral ring. Instead of being so simple the bling was a stunning sparkle. It again cleared that diamond rings are undoubtedly magnificent.

The beauty and grace that a diamond ring carries is unmatched. For ages it has been a part of women’s best jewelry collection. As a prized possession diamonds are the highly sought after gems. Their sincere beauty, sensual luster and smashing radiance put them a class apart.


With a number of design options these rings are now a must have fashion accessory. Celebrities and royals are certainly the admirers of classic diamond rings but ordinary people also cherish them. And as an understanding companion these rings allow everyone to enjoy their presence. With a variation in quality, designs, gem shapes, setting style and metal, diamond rings are available for all.

 From vintage to contemporary, the rings show an array of designs. And if anybody wants to get them customized they are readily available for it too. Many traditional and online jewelry stores have remarkable designer diamond rings in their collection and they also help the buyers in getting a ring designed as per the choice.

So if the popular songstress can don a flashy sparkle why don’t you? Go for a ring that will show your elite fashion sense and allow you to be the center of attraction!

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