Katie Taylor Flooded with Wedding Proposals with a Diamond Ring

The gold winner at the recently concluded Olympics Katie Taylor has a fan who wants to give her a diamond ring.Boxing star Katie, from Bray, Co Wicklow, has been flooded with marriage proposals from the moment she came back London Olympics 2012.

Katie Taylor has a Fan who Wants to Give Her a Diamond Ring

Reports are that one smitten supporter even approached her father and coach Peter seeking his permission to take the 26-year-old boxing star out on a date.Katie also added a incident where she received aletter stating that all he want in life is Katie and she added that most of these youngsters even wrote letters to her parents asking permission to ask her on a date.

Katie Taylor's Fathaer & Coach Peter seeking supporter Even Approached

So, much attention has certainly given a boost to the confidence of this gold medalist and she admitted this. As for her future plans she revealed that she for now wants to remain amateur and added that though she has been offered a lot of pro contracts, but she would love to stay amateur.

Please share your idea of a perfect diamond ring for this boxing star.

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