Kaya Scodelario Shows off Engagement ring with a Tattoo

Former Skins actress, Kaya Scodelario is cherishing the loveliest times of her life. She has been recently cast in the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. Further, it seems that Valentine’s merriment is already on in Kaya’s life. Engaged to beau Benjamin Walker, in December last year, she recently posted closer glimpses of her engagement ring on social networking sites. It is a real treat for her aficionados.

Dating for a few months while working together in ‘The Moon And The Sun,’ Kaya and Ben finally confessed their love for one other. And the lucky English actress received a ravishing diamond solitaire from her gentleman friend cum lover. Kaya’s ring is an ideal dream choice of every young and modern girl. However, women of all ages and lifestyles would admire a gorgeous jewelry piece like this.

Kaya Scodelario Shows off Engagement ring

 It is a large, round stone set on a diamond encrusted band. Petite sparklers on the metal band add up to the brilliance of the centre stone and give the look of eternity. Lately, encrusted bands have gained wide acceptance in engagement stunners as they serve as a cherry on the cake. They also go well with all styles of wedding bands.

Coming back to Kaya (from my innate and intense love for jewelry), she showed an exceptionally stylish move of love. Along with a dazzling engagement ring, Benjamin’s love stimulated Kaya to get her ring finger tattooed in his name. This is so cute and adorable. A stunning white ring with a kohl black tattoo of ‘Ben’ looks contemporary, just like their couple.

They are buzzed to exchange wedding vows at the end of this year. Let’s wish for their love to blossom in the coming months. Looking forward to an equally impressive and precious Valentine’s gift coming Scodelario’s way! What say??

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