Kim Kardashian’s KW Diamond Earrings

She said that she wanted to spend some private time with her beau and doesn’t want this to become a public display. But the reality star couldn’t stop her from parading with Kanye West to her famous show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.

Kanye West To Kardashian Famous show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

The glamour girl arrived in the same Lamborghini she had gifted Kanye on his 35th birthday. But that was not the only surprise of the evening. It was her new bling which received the major attention.

Kardashian Was Lamborghini Car Gifted To Kanye On His 35th Birthday

Don’t get shocked! Kanye hasn’t proposed Kim – the new bling was not the engagement ring. It was a brilliant sparkle, or you can say a very different way to show love in public. Actually the sparkle was a pair of earrings given by Kanye to his sensual lady. The splendid yellow gold and diamond earrings spell the initials of the gold digger rapper.


Now that’s really a smashing way to mark a relationship official though you haven’t said anything.

Kim Kardashian Gemstone Earrings

If you also wish to show your love in a different way, like Kanye and Kim, then you could very well choose a pair of gemstone earrings – it can be a superb selection.

A diamond floral pattern or a star style, for example, is a simple and sweet way to symbolize your relationship.

Kim Kardashian's Jewelry

And if the initial jewelry like Kim’s is in your mind, then you should go for customization. This is definitely going to become a trend of the future. So don’t miss a chance to don it.

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