Nikki Reed’s Engagement Ring is Enduring

‘Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.’ Such love phrases come to mind as I read current celebrity news these mornings. Indeed, New Year and Valentines’ merriment are in the air for A-list stars.


Every day, you get to see a new hookup in Hollywood and Fashion industry. And this time, it is the well-liked Twilight vamp actress, Nikki Reed. She is engaged to her handsome, villainous beau from Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder. After six months of dating, these celebrity lovebirds are officially together. They have finally announced their engagement to friends, fans and media (or they are just caught, you can say); it was a Christmas proposal though. Interestingly, Nikki wears the e-ring on her right-hand ring finger to keep it a secret. Good going, Nikki!

Though they were first seen together in July last year, stars’ aficionados affirm that it’s a two-year-old friendship that recently turned into love commitment.

lan-Somerhalder- and-Nikki-Reed-with-Her-Ring

As stunning as her and flawless as their pair, Nikki’s engagement ring is a stunning diamond encrusted band. Unlike a whopping center stone, Ian has chosen a graceful band consisting of numerous diamonds. The classiness of Nikki’s ring truly reveals the social grace Ian carries. It seems a glittering eternity band. Looks like Ian wants this union to be perpetual. Good luck Ian Somerhalder (though you broke many hearts with this tie-up).

Ian and Reed were spotted shopping together during Christmas. They were utterly lovable and one could easily witness their cute love for one another. Nikki was searching out gifts for Ian and vice versa. They looked at some stunning engagement rings, including a gold diamond slice halo ring a gold green halo diamond ring. Nikki too checked in for a watermelon tourmaline gemstone ring for his dashing man. They both walked in each other’s pocket during the whole shopping time.


In the end, Ian’s heart and eyes stuck to this dazzling band. His choice is worth recognizing. Diamond eternity bands are otherwise a prevalent preference in wedding rings. However, popping the question with an infinity band indicates how much the man wants this relation to be forever happiness. A bold and adorable move, we must say! The blissful duo mentioned a June date for wedding this year. Wishing for their sweet togetherness!

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