Statement Jewelry: SAG Awards 2015

Squeezed between much-acclaimed Golden Globes and Oscars, SAG Awards are usually overlooked. But 2015 brought SAG’s red carpet to media and public attention due to sensational appearances of A-list stars. The ceremony witnessed preppy outfits, exquisite jewelry, and a play of colors. Celebrity’s standout arrivals at Screen Actors Guild Awards, in Los Angeles, are worthy of commendation.

Lupita Nyong'o SAG Awards 2015Lupita Nyong

Golden details, vivid gemstones, and diamonds were in absolute action. There was the air of extravagance around these stars. All eyes were on Lupita Nyong as she walked the carpet in a swirling multihued gown. Her dress was a twist in today’s fashion with sloppy sleeves, random prints and a mix of bright and pastel colors. Undoubtedly, she has been the most unpredictable with her dresses. As always, Lupita adores embellishing her earrings with precious stones, and this time she showed off black jade earrings, an onyx, and an emerald ring.

Julianne Moore in sag awards 2015Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore flashed a fresh smile in an emerald sequins dress. She opted for a daring contrast of green with purple, by donning a pair of amethyst hoop earrings. Neither oversized nor petite, her earrings were too good to be most women’s choice.  Along with lovely amethysts, Moore expressed her love for jewelry with a cocktail diamond and a sparkling eternity ring.sofiabushatsagawards2015                                                                                         Sofia Bush

Likewise, Sofia Bush was an adorable figure in a lustrous, goldfish orange gown and fascinating blings. Her rings highlighted flair and colorful beauty including one-of-a-kind gemstones such as lapis lazuli, chrysoprase, opal and rainbow moonstone.

naomi watts jewelry at sag awards 2015Naomi Watts

After exhibiting singularity via a snake necklace at Golden Globes, Naomi Watts stunned her fans with a massive ruby and diamond bracelet. Ah! Not just one or two but oodles of dazzling diamonds of approximately 13-carats were combined with blushing red stripes of ruby, in a single piece of bracelet.

Julia Roberts jewelry at sag awards 2015

Julia Roberts

Similarly, we couldn’t take our eyes from ‘wow’ jewelry of Julia Roberts. She displayed excessive love for chrysoprase through her artistically-designed bracelet, ring and earrings. All her sparklers were a fusion of this soft green crystal and timeless diamonds, which added a touch of nature-inspired beauty to her black formals.

Jennifer Aniston and Keira Knightley at SAG awards 20151.Jennifer  2. Keira Knightly

Further, there were few flavorful looks as that of Jennifer Aniston in yellow gold beaded pendant necklace that gracefully revealed her extremely plunging neckline. Momma-to-be-, Keira Knightley, was in a suitable laced mauve gown. Modest in dressing, Keira didn’t miss showing her razzle-dazzle. She wore numerous cute and puny diamond earrings in both her ears, stemming out from multiple piercings.

There were many more splendid and classy dresses and jewelry pieces on the SAG’s red carpet. Tell us who enticed you the most? What fashion are you going to embrace in this year’s holiday parties?

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