Who will be the next James Bond?

Rumors are ripe that dashing Daniel Craig is going to wrap up his successful reign as James Bond much sooner than we thought. The question of who will get a chance to take this prestigious task in hand is on the front burner presently.
Who will be the next James Bond-

Apparently, the ‘Homeland’ actor Damian Lewis has been chosen as the next Bond, unofficially though. As per a report published by England’s mirror, the British actor has been given an unofficial nod to play this most sought-after character.

The name of Lewis topping the list is no surprise for us. Damian Lewis is a 44 year old British actor and is popularly known for his role on Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ for which he even won an Emmy. He enjoys a long and successful acting career and seems to be a perfect choice to play the super spy.


As nothing is official, there are several names that are doing the rounds. Idris Elba is one such name that has made many headlines. Elba has been tipped as Craig’s successor by several tabloids and is certainly one of the potential bond candidates.

We can keep guessing on who it is going to be, but it all depends on whether Craig is putting a full stop to his successful Bond regime after ‘Spectre’. The actor has been loved by all in his James Bond avatar and he won’t be easy to get behind. Or will it be? What do you think? Do you think Craig should carry on with this legendary role or should give it away to a new face? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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