Wow! What A Ring!! Is it Tamara Ecclestone’s Engagement Ring!!!

Tamara Ecclestone's Engagement Ring

We were told that it was Tamara Ecclestone’s early birthday bash this weekend but were surprised to find a massive stone on her special finger. Though we are still awaiting an official confirmation on this, but it seems that this sparkler that she was flaunting around is probably the other reason for celebration.

Bernie EcclestoneOmar-Khyami-and-Tamara-Ecclestone

We all know that Ecclestone who is a socialite daughter of the Formula 1 tycoon Bernie Ecclestone, wants to marry and settle down with her boyfriend Omar Khyami. So this ring on her important finger has kept the rumor mills running.

Tamara Ecclestone

She kept mum about the details. But the 27-year-old heiress was trying to show off her rings as she kept her hand in such a way so that the photographers could get a full view of the ring. In fact, she even dressed up in a way to make all eyes see her sparkling piece of jewelry. What else can explain why she chose a skintight black mini dress, clutch bag and shoes?

Tyringham Hall In Buckinghamshire

The celebration was huge at one of the UK’s grandest manor houses, the Tyringham Hall in Buckinghamshire. This party was certainly grand, but we were keen to know more about the ring. One more reason why we think it is her engagement ring is because of the fact that she has herself told the media in one of the interviews that she wishes that Omar would propose on her 28th birthday.

Tamara Ecclestone’s Waiting For Omar Khyami Propose This year

She has even confided that though she is not so confident, but still hopes that he will propose this year. So, we are all waiting for the news as we are expecting a real big bash for her wedding like her younger sister Petra.

Petra Ecclestone Wedding

We have still not forgotten the £12 million bash that was held to celebrate her nuptials to James Stunt at the Odescalchi Castle in Rome last year. Recently in an interview, she had revealed that she has already lived with Omar for a while, and now they both really want to get married. So it seems that this might happen either this year or next.

Bernie & Fabiana Flos

Interestingly, her father is also walking down the altar soon. When asked about her reaction, she said that she has no intention of attending her father Bernie’s marriage to his girlfriend Fabiana Flos. When asked why, she said that she is very loyal to her mum and is a bit surprised that her dad is getting remarried. But she definitely wants him to be happy.

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