Bridal Week Day 1: Engagement Ring Trends

It is Bridal Week in NYC and we are ready to enjoy the beautiful time with all things fashionable. There will be ideas for wedding jewelry, gowns, nail arts, make-up, hair styles and honeymoon destinations.

 Fashionable Wedding Dress

So this week you would be getting the best of everything in bridal trends. But as we are more focused on jewelry and particularly diamond jewelry so first have a look at the engagement ring trends of the year.


Kate Middleton Sapphire Engagement Ring

I’m very much in love with Kate Middleton’s heirloom sapphire engagement ring. Though it’s almost two years yet the antique bling looks so fresh and graceful. Neither the blue of sapphire nor the brilliance of diamond is a talk of past.

So you got that! Yes, the same stunning duo of sapphire and diamond will keep on rocking. And now it will be more elaborative with a touch of vintage aesthetic. Ruby and emerald in the old school look will romance this season.


As we’ve already mentioned that vintage is the leading style of the season, you could find an array of vintage inspiredengagement rings and wedding jewelry. The lace work, engravings, carving and geometric settings are more in likes.


It is completely a personal choice yet we’ve noticed more of yellow and pink gold in the market. The charm of white gold and platinum is maintained but brides are taking considerable interest in yellow gold for their engagement rings.

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