Brilliant Symphony of Diamond Accents for Charming Engagement Rings

Diamonds are always the best option to show the flawless style and they never fail in showing it with élan. For decades diamonds are considered the most authentic choice to express emotions and to exhibit style.

Diamond engagement rings have been the most desired traditional choice for a loving proposal. From royal couples to star pairs most of the celebs have picked the splendid diamonds to show their serious sentiments.

The three-stone diamond ring of Queen Elizabeth, the massive Krupp diamond of Liz Taylor, the Edwardian style diamond engagement ring of Katie Holmes and the controversial diamond bling of reality star Kim Kardashian are few of the known engagement rings that have swept many off the floor through their radiant looks.

It’s the elegant beauty of diamonds that effortlessly creates the enchanting effect. And not only as the main stone but diamonds as the accent stones equally leave the marked impression.

Diamonds as accents have been used for centuries. Whether it’s a royal suite of ruby jewels or an heirloom emerald set, diamonds were there to lend the much required brilliance. And in case of engagement rings, it is really difficult to find a ring with no diamonds in it. From the royal houses to the galleries of Hollywood and also among the ordinary homes, the shine of diamonds as a whole or as a side stones or accent stones was effectively noticed.

Let’s check out few much talked gemstone engagement rings that are glamorous and gorgeous. These rings received the brilliance through the diamonds counterparts of the main stone. The rings are the epitome of nature’s best beauty combinations and high end human craftsmanship.

Princess Diana’s 18-carat white gold sapphire engagement ring with 14 brilliant round diamonds

Princess Diana’s 18-Carat White Gold Sapphire Engagement Ring

Princess Sarah Ferguson’s 18-carat yellow gold ruby engagement ring with 10 drop diamonds

Princess Sarah Ferguson’s 18-Carat Yellow Gold Ruby Engagement Ring

Jackie Kennedy’s emerald engagement ring with round, marquise and tapered baguette diamonds

Jackie Kennedy’s Emerald Engagement Ring

Elizabeth Taylor’s ruby ring with 8 oval diamonds

Elizabeth Taylor’s Ruby Ring

Penelope Cruz’s antique 3 carat sapphire engagement ring with accent diamonds

Penelope Cruz’s Antique 3 Carat Sapphire Engagement Ring

Jessica Simpson’s ruby engagement ring with two diamond side stones

Jessica Simpson’s Ruby Engagement Ring

Tara Reid’s 12 carats citrine ring with accent diamonds

Tara Reid’s 12 Carats Citrine Ring

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