Is Jennifer Aniston Engaged?

Celebs are most prone to gossips. Their stylish life is always a talk of the town. And this time it is Jennifer Aniston who grabbed all the lime light by just a little shine.

During a drive with beau Justin Theroux in NYC the actress flashed a sparkling bling on her sacred finger. And the sparkle called all the shutterbugs for an action.

So what the brilliance is all about? Is it an engagement ring or just another piece of jewelry?

As Jennifer is dating Justin since 2011 and rumors are it that they are planning to tie the knot so it might be a chance that Justin had popped the question. The couple moved into relation during the shooting of ‘Wanderlust’ but Jennifer in a recent interview denied the speculation saying that they were just friends at that time.

Jennifer Aniston Engaged

But now as the couple has declared that relation so the sparkle could strongly be a diamond engagement ring.

But if we check out the other side then we would come to know that Jennifer used to wear her name ring on the tell tale ring finger. So here we are in the mid of the debate if Jennifer is spotting an engagement ring or a signature ring?

While only the couple could answer the question we can at least think about the type of ring Justin could give to Jennifer.

The diamonds are certainly her particular choice as her ex-engagement ring was a masterpiece diamond bling. The ring given by Brad Pitt had a sparkling diamond in center was a spiral doom shaped design. It boasted diamond accents all over the whirlpool and received a lot of praise for the extravagant design.

Now Justin surely won’t give anything less than the former bling! So a massive vintage style diamond ring would be the perfect option for him. He might go a bit more thoughtful and add some symbols or signs for Aniston to decode or could even get the inspiration from the old world designs. So let’s wait for the big news to come from the couple’s side.

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