Natural fancy diamond engagement rings

Diamonds have such a mystical charm that they easily conjure everyone. They are the favorites of women but men also equally like them. Diamonds are the integral part of jewelry. They are the symbol of love, loyalty and devotion. A diamond engagement ring denotes a strong, indestructible long lasting relation. Diamonds express romance and care.

Heidi Klum's Diamond Ring

Nature has created a spectacular range of color diamonds which are available for your pleasure. These color diamonds since their inception have been a favorite of jewelry designers and jewelry lovers. And they are also in trend for adding splendid beauty to engagement rings.


Celebrities and royalties have a special affection with natural color diamonds. In fact many are passionate about these fancy beauties of nature. Hefty fancy diamond engagement rings have made their way in the celeb world. Charlie Sheen, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez and Anna Kournikova are few of the glam zone divas who were given some magnificent natural diamond engagement rings.

Pink, yellow, green, blue and black are the most desired colors in diamond engagement rings. The coming year is likely to have more examples of fancy diamond rings with some great designs. Natural fancy diamonds have different standards of quality. And their price depends on their color intensity and rarity. But it’s not compulsory that the price will always be on the higher side.

If you wish to have a medium to slightly intense colored diamond you could get that in quite reasonable range. Natural color diamond rings are truly unique and exclusive present and they effortlessly add a distinction to any look.

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