Princess cut diamond engagement rings

The glamor of dazzling diamonds is timeless. From the first stage of mining to the final step of setting into a piece of jewelry, the sparkle of diamond increases gradually and it is what that adds the beauty to a woman’s charm.

There are many factors that make a diamond a unique piece of adornment. Its 4Cs i.e. color, clarity, cut and carat are the quality setting parameters. Cut from the four is of major concern as it is how we can alter the clarity and appearance of a stone.

It refers to the proportion, symmetry and polish of diamond that result in the characteristic brilliance. The cut of a diamond is classified into brilliant, step, mixed, rose and modified styles. All these show the symmetrical arrangement of facets.

One of the most popular cuts of diamond is princess cut which is famous for its sheer brilliance and stylish and elegant square appearance. Princess cut was invented to utilize the maximum of the rough stone which is otherwise shed off up to 50% and more in case of other cuts like round brilliant. Princess cut, also called quadrillion cut is a square shape with unique and different faceting style.

Its linear life which helps in light reflection is a result of a symmetry created due to the cross cut crown and chevron-shaped facets in the pavilion which collective creates an X shaped reflection. Princess cut diamonds have vertically cut pavilion and crown facets which is a unique feature of brilliant style and is profoundly seen only in round and oval diamonds. The crown of princess cut is little lower and the table is large. Such symmetry calls for less cutting yet gives more brilliance and fire. In this way a princess cut diamond retains approx 80% of the rough stone and is therefore cost less than round once. This is also a reason of its extreme popularity.

Princess cut diamond engagement rings are excellent expression of sentiments. A proposal with a princess cut ring reflects unique radiance and super lustrous looks. The cut is also popular among celebrities and many divas like Ali Larter, Sherri Shepherd, Kendra Wilkinson and Carrie Ann Inaba proudly flaunts princess cut diamond engagement rings.

If you are also looking for an elite and exclusive ring then princess cut diamond rings are perfect to pick from. Along with the timeless grace of diamonds the unique cut with high clarity will add more stars to your expression. If your lady demands a pop of color and diamond is not her first choice then princess cut gemstone rings are also available. These rings with finely cut center stone display the similar glamor as a diamond ring and add a splash of color to the romantic question.

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