Black Diamond Jewelry

 Black may be the last color that one might associate diamonds with. Black diamonds or carbonados are one of the many varieties of natural colored diamonds. These varieties of diamonds are only found only in Brazil and Central African Republic.

lack is the color of authority, of dedication, of protectiveness. It is believed that wearing a black diamond activates the magnetic energies of a body. Unlike other diamonds, these do not refract light but absorb it completely. This gives the stone a unique identity.

These diamonds look stunning when crafted in a jewelry. One can wear them as daily wear or even formal or evening wear. Black diamonds make dramatic center piece for pendants, rings or earrings. And, small black diamonds serve as elegant backdrops for delicate setting.

One can also get their jewelry with a combination of black and white diamonds. The combination looks like yin yang and is a classic that can bedazzle any occasion.

A great thing about these black diamonds is that they are not as expensive as other natural colored diamonds and thus with their unconventional and modern appeal they are a great choice for your jewelry.

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  • July 2, 2010


    I really like black diamond jewelry myself for their unconventional appeal.

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