Colored Diamond: Girl’s New Best Friends

A famous quote by Pablo Picasso asserts, ‘Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions’. This is the perfect time to jazz up your jewelry closet with playful diamonds, and express your ecstasy through iridescent colors. Many of you only think of only sparkling white for diamonds, but to your delight is the fact that candy-colored diamonds are a go-to fashion on the red carpet.

Generally, diamonds are enhanced to give them vibrant colors since natural colored diamonds are rare to find. Colored diamonds, from pastel blue and soft pink to ocean blue and tuxedo black, can add a completely new dimension to your engagement ring.  Tints of pallid orange and green also render some ravishing jewelry statements.

Indeed, the exquisiteness of colored diamond engagement rings has stolen hearts of many A-list stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and other big names. Lately, many modern brides-to-be have expressed intense penchant for fancy diamonds in their wedding and engagement rings collection.

A-list stars colored diamond engagement rings

American queen of pop singing, JLo stunned her fans when she flaunted a 6.1-carat pink square diamond engagement ring, which was a one-of-a-kind gift she received from her then beau, Ben Afflek.

Similarly, Kelly Clarkson also received a brilliant yellow surprise. Several hours after being asked by her curious fans, the American singer-songwriter revealed the secret of her engagement ring. She proudly stated that it was canary yellow halo diamond ring, a stunning gift by husband, Brandon Blackstock.

Carmen Electra was another celebrity who proudly flaunted her eyeliner black diamond ring when she got engaged to Rob Patterson.

Carmen Electra black diamond Engagement ring

Alike celebrities, you can also take a traditional yet trendy road to the aisle. Electrifying blue vintage diamond and contemporary black diamond three-stone rings can be excellent choices for anniversary and birthday gifts. A more thoughtful way to enjoy the glamour of colored diamonds is opting for enhanced ones as they are relatively less pricey than their natural counterparts.

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