Diamond – An Eternal Trend

A diamond is a girl’s best friend. It’s not just a statement but a proven fact. Jewelry is the most influential accessory for any woman. It’s the means of adornment and is something that shows the wealth, style and taste a lady has.

And when we say jewelry, the first thing that strikes the thoughts is diamond. Diamond is the hardest gemstone on the planet. It is the only stone that holds a significant position in traditional, economical and social systems. In fact diamonds are an integral part of jewelry and finding a piece of necklace, pendant, ring or earrings without a touch of diamond is very rare.

The ongoing trend is all about antique and the market is flooding with all things vintage. We have taken a moment to stroll through the bygone galleries and what we found were diamonds in every corner.

 Diamond jewelry was a prominent part of fashion in those days. Not just the engagement ring but all sorts of jewelry had a touch of diamond for that extra brilliance. Elaborated and stunning combinations of colored gemstones and diamond accents were the featured attraction of royal jewels.

Crowns, diadems, tiaras, parure, necklaces, chandeliers, dangles, brooches, pendants, rings and other body jewelry of Victorian times had a special touch of diamonds.

 Queen's Diamond Jewelry

It was the fire and brilliance of diamonds that effortlessly enhance the richness of the jewels. Today the similar vintage trend is back with an extra refined elegance. You can enjoy the decades old style while being in fashion. And on top you’ll be getting the diamond looks without breaking the banks. How? Check that below.

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