Powers and Properties of Diamonds

Which heart won’t move at the sight of the dazzling diamonds? Rightly called as the king of gems, this stone exhibits exceptional beauty, glisten and glamour. Right from the common people to the celebrities, we won’t find anyone who is not influenced by the bewitching beauty of this stunning stone.

Not only the perfectly shining white diamonds, but the fancy diamonds (colored diamonds) have also grabbed the attention of the masses and have left them stunned. Very few of us know the fact that diamonds are popular not only for their irresistible beauty, but also for their said mystical powers and healing properties. Lets us read about the same:

1) Diamonds are said to push away negative energy and fears from the owner and fill him with positive energy and optimism.

2) In ancient times people believed that keeping a diamond with oneself can protect him from the fire, illness, thieves, poison, etc.

3) Diamonds are said to be energy amplifiers. These stones never require recharging.

4) It is believed that diamond increases the powers of all the other gems with which it is worn.

5) It is said to carry high frequency energy and it helps stimulate and open the Crown chakra.

6) Diamonds are also believed to rebalance metabolism, builds stamina and helps in treatment of allergies and chronic problems.

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