What are Diamond Accents?

If you are a jewelry enthusiast, you must have rings or other jewelry pieces with diamond accents. Do you know what these diamond accents are? Are they real diamonds or faux? How do they intensify the beauty of a jewelry?

Diamond Accents or accent diamonds are real, natural diamonds of very small size. Diamonds of lesser than 0.25 carats are termed as accents and most commonly, those with 0.10 carat or less weight are used as accent pieces. These diamonds are widely used to decorate a center stone and to increase the beauty, brilliance and value of any jewelry.

Unlike large diamonds, accents (as they commonly called) have a simple cut with less number of facets. A round brilliant diamond of 0.50 carats or more would have 58 facets while an accent would have 16 to 18 facets. Usually, these stones are single cut in round, rectangular or trillion shape.

Color and Clarity
Most accents are relatively less clear. They are usually SI (Slightly Included) or I (Included). However, due to their significantly smaller size, their inclusions can never be seen with naked eyes.

These stones are nearly colorless. It means, they are not colorless but the color is good enough to not leave any impact on the entire piece and when set with other stones, it almost looks bright white.

Accent Diamonds in Jewelry
Use of diamond accents in jewelry is not new. You can find antique or vintage pieces decorated with accents to enhance their beauty and value. However, diamond accent jewelry is very popular these days. It is because, they make a piece look bigger, more luxurious and exquisite. Halo diamonds and micropave diamonds are popular settings for fine jewelry.

Even our favorite celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood and Natalie Portman have engagement rings decorated with accent diamonds.

Like engagement rings, fine gemstone earrings and pendants also have accents to intensify the piece. A good idea to shop for quality jewelry with accent diamonds is to choose piece having accents big enough to enhance the main stone but are small enough to make it stand out. If accents would be large, they will overshadow the main stone and make the piece look less beautiful.

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