Five Tips for Buying Bezel set Diamond Ring

Five Reasons Why Women Love Bezel Diamond Ring Design

Diamonds are indeed irresistible and a woman from any walk of life no matter which part of the world she’s in is in love with these dazzling beauties. The reasons behind the age old love affair between a woman and diamonds of course are numerous. A wonderful thing about diamonds is that they look ultimately beautiful in any kind of jewelry and setting. Irrespective of the style or design diamond jewelry always stands apart but there definitely are certain styles that are more preferred over others. Bezel set diamond ring setting in particular is loved for its unique look.

  1. The first and foremost thing about diamonds is that they are precious and valued hence they need to be protected and there is no ring setting more secure than bezel setting. With the metal rim running all across the border of the diamond bezel setting protects the stone from all possible kinds of damage.
  2. Jewelry is something that should appeal to the eyes and look beautiful. Although diamonds are innately beautiful and stunning stones there are some jewelry pieces and designs in which their charm multiplies and bezel setting is definitely one of them. When a diamond is bezel set in a ring it looks ultimately lovely and few women can resist their appeal which is subdued but immensely elegant.
  3. When a diamond is bezel set in a ring one can be rest assured that the stone is well protected. Rings have a tendency of brushing against clothes which results many a times in the stone being tugged at resulting in its getting displaced. But with bezel setting this possibility can be completely ruled out as the metal rim enveloping the diamond ensures that such accidents can be prohibited.
  4. Although diamonds are hard stones many a times when they brush against any other material the surface of the stones may get damaged or scratched which may mar their look and appeal, but with bezel setting this possibility is substantially reduced.
  5. Another advantage of a bezel set diamond ring is the fact that they agree with all kinds of metals and look beautiful whether set in a white gold, yellow gold or platinum ring setting.

So now that you have every good reason to love your favorite bezel set diamond rings why not go ahead and invest in a gorgeous bezel set diamond ring with sapphire.

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