Maintain the Sparkle of Your Diamond Ring – Useful Tips

Diamonds are regarded as the hardest stone existing on our earth. It is one of the most precious gemstones, and every person on this planet dreams to own it. With several jewelry boutiques selling precious rings, earrings and pendants, you will definitely like to have one diamond jewelry addition to your collection. Many prefer to buy small diamond ring for engagement or for any special occasion. The diamond ring not just makes you look elegant, but is also a valuable investment.


Wearing a ring makes us feel special. But daily activities pose adverse effects to our diamond ring. Regular use of hand lotions and other greasy products add a thin layer of dirt on the ring. This thin film of dirt might decrease the brightness of the stone. And if you do not take care of cleaning it, the material accumulates on your diamond. This accumulation blocks the light, and thus makes your ring look dull and lifeless.

However, we can bring back shine and glitter in the diamond ring by careful cleaning. If you want to add sparkle to your diamond ring, then just follow these few simple tricks.

Cleaning of the diamond jewelry

1. Soak your diamond ring into a warm solution of mild liquid detergent and water.

2. Using a brush with soft bristles, remove the dirt accumulated in the ring. This will not just clean your diamond ring but will also protect from getting scratches while removing dirt.

3. Then rinse the ring thoroughly in warm water.

4. Dry up the ring with a lint-free cloth. If the diamond and setting needs extra cleaning, then you can push the dirt easily with the help of the wooden toothpick.


In addition to the above useful tips, there are a few aspects to look for while cleaning diamond jewelry. If your ring has not undergone the treatment of fracture filling, then you can use ammonia and water for cleaning it. If your jewelry has fracture filled diamonds, then ammonia will either cause a cloud or will remove the coating.


While cleaning ring featuring multiple gemstones, make sure that the process does not affect other weakest additions. It is also to be noted that chlorine, too, can affect your diamond ring. For the longevity of your diamond ring, it is required to take good care of it. Few simple and easy ways will add eternal sparkle to your diamond ring.

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