Ring in the New Year with a Ring of Love

This year’s coming to an end and a brand new year heralding the promise of new beginnings await us all. So much has happened both good and bad but when you look back you must only see what joyous moments it has brought you. If it is a special person who is behind it all then you must let her know what a wondrous difference she has made in the past year.

No better way of saying it than with a gift of love. What you need is a beautiful yet meaningful piece of jewelry; something that is timeless and reflects your deepest feelings. A ring is the perfect expression of love and though you have many options these two definitely deserve special mention. Both boast of the rare and stunning tanzanite along with a heady dazzle of diamonds in designs that are exquisite.

The round tanzanite and diamond seven stone ring is beautiful beyond measure. With same sized round stones, the tanzanites and diamonds set alternately look beautiful and alongside they complement each other to perfection. The prong setting allows the focus to remain completely on the stones and in spite of the design being simple it looks exceptionally elegant. This is one piece that is for keeps and she will love it as a New Year present from you.

Three stone rings have always been considered symbolic so why not lavish her with this forever beauty. The oval tanzanite glows prominently in this piece and enjoys the company of the twinkling twin diamond side stones. What’s impressive is the stylish design of the ring. With a twist to the traditional three stone rings, this one has a contemporary appeal that is impressive.

It is a tough call to make and that’s understandable. Both being acutely beautiful you don’t know which ring to give her. Just follow your instinct and think which kind she already has and choose accordingly. You can always give her the other one for another special occasion, so she can have both in her collection of jewels.

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