The Celebrity Style Diamond Rings

A parkle here and a sparkle there; this is the scene which can move the hearts of the onlookers and this is no wonder why it is considered that no woman can resist the temptation of adding some more pieces of diamond jewelry to her collection.

Diamond Jewelry Collection

This becomes all the more important and relevant when she is being proposed and the special ring is being slipped onto her finger. Majority of the women, including the Hollywood actresses and the Royal ladies consider diamonds to be their first choice when it comes to the engagement rings.

Almost all jewelry stores make it a point to keep the most beautiful and exclusively designed diamond rings to please their customers. Let us check out three amazingly made rings, which can grab the attention of the onlookers in no time.

  1. Diamond Solitaire Ring:

    Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Nothing can beat the glamour of a solitaire ring and probably this is the reason why our First Lady, Michelle Obama wears a solitaire engagement ring. The ring presented here displays the charm and dazzle of a diamond. The most important thing is that all the attention is captured by the single stone and it is difficult to take the eyes off it.

  1. The Vintage Ring:

This ring is so designed that it has diamond sparkling from every angle. This halo ring has a round shaped center diamond surrounded by shimmering small round diamonds. It is just the perfect ring to be the witness of the love soaked proposal. Ashley Tisdale wears a similar kind of ring. Did you notice?

  1. The Three Stone Ring:

‘I love you and am committed to your forever. My love will be same for you in present and future as it was in the past’. This is what this ring subtly says. The three-stone rings symbolize the past, present and the future and people associate it with their eternal love and hence these rings become the popular choice. Miranda Lambert wears the similar looking ring and proudly flaunts it.

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