Why Angelina Jolie’s Diamond Ring is exceptional?

It’s officially declared that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are engaged. And as it was expected ‘Mr. Smith’ had punctuated his proposal with nothing lesser than a uniquely crafted diamond engagement ring. It took a year in the realization of the ring which as per the actor’s thought should make Jolie feel protected, loved and honored.

The customized emerald-cut diamond engagement ring which is estimated around $250,000 is invaluable. There are reasons of it being a piece of such a high value. Of course the first and the most important explanation is that it is an engagement ring that itself speaks about the serious sentiments. This is the direct conclusion of loving the ring so dearly.

Angelina Jolie Platinum & Diamond Engagement Ring Angelina Jolie's Diamond Engagement Ring

But when we flash some light on the details we could easily take other things in account which make it an apple of the eyes. The ring is a complete diamond studded bling where each diamond is of finest quality. The center stone is cut into an exotic fashion and is associated with exceptionally cut and set accent stones which encircle the complete ring to add beauty to Jolie’s finger. Such a design is remarkable and calls for applaud.

Brad’s vision behind the design was also the reason of high praise. He wanted the ring to be an expression of love, care, protection and honor. That means no matter whether he is physically around Jolie or not, the ring should never make her feel alone. It should always remind her about his unconditional love, gives her the warmth of protection and deliver the expression of strong, eternal bonding.

As the ring is flawlessly astonishing, it is perfect for every fashion style. Whether the lady would walk on the red carpet or went on a family outing, every style of Jolie will shine more brilliantly with the splendid sparkle.

Another very promising excuse to wear it always is that diamonds have the quality of getting into the flavor of anything you wear. So the emerald lover won’t find it difficult to pair her charming emerald earrings with her romantic bauble.

Now with so much in hand the diamond engagement ring of Angelina Jolie is worth praising.

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