Worlds First Diamond Ring of 150 Carats

A diamond ring of few carats is an interesting proposal. But a diamond ring of 150 carats is an ultimate proposal!

So carat does matter when it’s a diamond ring and it skyrockets when the ring is made entirely out of huge chunk of diamond.

World's Largest Diamond Ring

Wake up! This is not a dream or fantasy. It’s the truth made by Swiss Jeweler Mohamed Shawish. This extraordinary amazing ring weighs a ridiculous 150 carats and costs approx $70 million.

Believe it – 150 carats diamond ring of $70 million!

The ring is entirely made out of diamond and nothing else. According to Mohamed, creating a ring entirely from faceted diamond seems a fantasy but it was adventurous to take the ultimate artistic challenge.

The 33.19 carats Krupp diamond and that 69.42 carats Taylor-Burton diamonds used to be huge but this giant ring is absolutely outstanding.

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