Blue Diamond auctioned at 4.2 m; proving diamonds are enormous investing opportunity for Diamond buyers

The Gem sale in Hong Kong, have been growing and the city has overtaken New York to become Sotheby’s second biggest market after Geneva. This market has publicized the record sale of the 5.16-carat pear-shaped internally flawless fancy vivid blue diamond ring has been auctioned for over four million pounds in Hong Kong.

Blue diamond Sotheby

The blue diamond, which was originally from De Beers Millennium Collection was expected to sell for between 3 million pounds and 3.8 million pounds at Sotheby’s, but it in the end it sold for 4,221,533 pounds. By the hike, one can comprehend that the diamond buyer find it to be a great investment opportunity and also because the popularity of this rare blue diamond is escalating.

The 5.16-carat pear-shaped blue diamond, which had been owned by a private buyer, was one of 12 in a collection put together for the turn of the millennium and was displayed in 2000. There have been a lot of new diamond buyers from Asia like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan etc.

The Asian Buyers have realized that the financial crisis has not affected the price of diamond and that the diamond is the safest investment option as there is stability in the price of diamonds and only change occurring is inclined towards the increase.

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