The fifth C of Diamond Buying

One of the most beautiful and sought after stones, the dazzling diamonds always manage to intimidate us with their brilliance but it is also true that we find ourselves drawn to these rocks as strongly as ever. This is one stone that has been enjoying a star status in the world of jewelry and there is hardly a woman who is not charmed by the immense allure of the gem. No matter what form of jewelry they come in, diamonds never disappoint and always look gorgeous beyond measure.

Shopping for these mesmerizing gems is something we all enjoy but let me tell you it is actually a very involving task for beautiful as they are these stones are also equally expensive and anyone buying them has to be fully attentive and focus on every little detail concerning them. The most important aspects to consider when you shop for them are the four C’s namely cut, color, clarity and carat. In recent times there has been a new addition and it is the certificate.

The 5c of Diamond

This again is a very crucial point and has been very wisely included as the fifth C for the certificate is extremely important while engaging in a high end spend such as this. Earlier most of us concluded our judgment of the stone based on whatever details the jeweler furnished but over time buyers have realized the importance of an official document to authenticate the stone they are buying. Professional individuals who understand gems besides being equipped with the required expertise and representing institutions of repute preside through this analysis and provide the result in form of a certificate.

While cut, color, clarity and carat give an estimation of the stone’s quality the certificate authenticates these very facts and is therefore extremely essential and should always accompany the stone you’re buying. In fact you must never engage in any dealings with stores that do not furnish this important document as they are bound to be fake and unauthentic. Apart from the cut, color, clarity and carat weight, a certificate also states the shape of the stone, the exact measurements, table and depth percentage besides the polish and symmetry, in a nutshell it gives you an exact overview of the stone you are buying.

Not only does this piece of paper give you a guarantee on the stone you’re buying but it also has many more advantages. In case you wish to sell your stone at a later stage the certificate is a must besides it also gives all details so a correct estimation of the price is possible. This is also a very vital piece of document if you wish to insure your stones and in most cases it is not possible to carry on the process if you lack in it. So the next time you go shopping for your favorite sparkling stones make sure you seek the certificate.

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