What are Simulated Diamonds?

The very mention of diamonds is enough to pique the curiosity of most people, especially women. These dazzling stones are capable of leaving anybody agape. Everything about diamonds is extraordinary right from their blinding look to their exorbitant pricing. Interestingly however there exists another variety of diamonds that looks as bright but can be acquired at a fraction of the cost as compared to their natural counterparts. These are the simulated diamonds or in other words the lab grown or cultured diamonds.

While natural diamonds originate from the bosom of the earth after having undergone a thorough geological process, the simulated kind is procured in laboratories under specific conditions. It has been a while since simulated diamonds were first discovered. The fact that diamonds comprise of pure carbon triggered many scientists to synthetically create these stones.

It was an interesting and long journey to create lab grown diamonds. In the year 1941 that General Electric, Norton and Carborundum drew an agreement to build upon the concept of artificial carbon synthesis. The project was stalled due to the Second World War but resumed soon after the war was over. The experiment was carried out by Howard Tracy Hall, an employee of General Electric in the year 1954 in which a synthetic diamond was grown in a reproducible and certifiable process. Similar experiments were carried out in other countries as well and the world witnessed an array of sparkling simulated diamonds heading straight out of the laboratories. 

The properties of simulated diamonds vary significantly and interestingly from natural diamonds. The hardness of a simulated diamond can be controlled and accordingly maintained as per the requirement by using the chemical vapor deposition method. There have been instances where simulated diamonds have been made harder as compared to natural diamonds. Also, simulated diamonds may be made of numerous small crystals or a single continuous crystal. While the former is used for industrial purposes the latter comes handy for gemstones.

Simulated diamonds have many and varied applications. Apart from being widely used for industrial and technological purposes, they also fulfill the dreams of many women who want to own a diamond at a price that will not make a big dent in their pockets.

One thing is for certain a lot of women have to thank their lucky stars and the scientists who happened to discover and create simulated diamonds. For here there is something that looks as good as a natural diamond and is yet so affordable you can’t help but smile.

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