Why Women love Diamonds

Women love diamondsDiamonds also known as woman’s best friend never fail to bring a smile to her face. Famous Welsh singer Shirley Bassey once quotes, “Diamonds never leave you.. Men do.”

Men often wonder what is it about diamonds that can make woman go weak in her knees. There is something about the way they look, they way they glitter, that no woman can ever have enough of them. And, probably that is why men like to propose a girl with a diamond engagement ring, for they know she will always say a yes.

Diamonds are nature’s attempt to perfection. It takes a period of at least 3 billion years in earth crust with the extreme temperature and pressure to produce these brilliant stones. That means diamonds will be the oldest piece of jewelry that you own.

These gems are also bestowed with extraordinary hardness. Diamonds are the hardest mineral known to man; this makes diamonds a great choice for all kinds of jewelry.

Given all their physical virtues, what woman most love about these gems is their romantic appeal. Wearing a piece of diamond jewelry, a woman always feels that she is cherished and loved forever.

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