List Of World’s Top Ten Largest Diamonds

S/N Name of the Diamond carat weight Color/Cut
1 The Golden Jubilee Diamond 545.67 yellow brown
2 The Star Of Africa /Cullinan I 530.20 white
3 The Incomparable Diamond 407.48 brownish-yellow
4 The Cullinan II Diamond 217.40 White/ cushion shaped
5 The Spirit of de Grisogono 312.24 Black
6 The Centenary Diamond 273.83 Colorless/Modified Heart-shaped
7 The Jubilee Diamond 245.35 Colorless
8 The De Beers Diamond 234.65 light yellow
9 The Red Cross Diamond 205.07 canary yellow
10 The Millennium Star Diamond 203.4 Colorless/Pear Shaped

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