4 Most Expensive Celebrity E-Rings

It really needs a lot of determination and strong heart to resist the charm of a dazzling diamond ring. There can be no woman who would not accept that the mere sight of a majestic diamond ring moves her heart. This becomes all the more special when we get a chance to have a look at the celebrity diamond rings.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Today, let us read about the 4 most expensive and popular celebrity diamond engagement rings.

1) Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez's 6

She has been engaged 4 times, but none of her engagement rings could beat the glamour displayed by the ring given to her by Ben Affleck. It was a pink diamond ring weighing 6.1 carat and its estimated cost was around 1.2 million in 2002.

2) Kim Kardashian:

Diamond engagement ring of kim

Her second husband proposed her with a jaw dropping beauty of $2 million. It has an emerald cut center stone which is flanked by a pair of 2 carat trapezoids.

3) Paris Hilton:

Paris Hilton 24 carat diamond ring

A short lived engagement of mere 4 months witnessed a proposal having 24 carat canary diamond engagement ring. Her fiancée Paris Latsis gave her this ring which was worth $4.7 million.

4) Anna Kournikova:

Anna Kournikova Pink Diamond Ring

The lady was proposed with a majestic pink diamond ring. It is 11 carat pear shaped diamond ring. This stone was mined in Australia and the ring’s estimated price ranges between $2.5 to 6 million.

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