Build Your Own Pink Sapphire Ring

Pretty and feminine, pink is one color every woman loves. It’s welcome in every form but as jewelry it is treasured. You can don this charming hue in form of pink sapphires and if you’re particularly fond of rings go ahead and indulge in one. If you’ve always had a style in mind you can even create your own ring with these lovely stones the way you like.

Since you know the look you want start making a sketch of the design. Make sure you cover every single detail like the number of stones, their shapes and sizes, the inclusion of diamonds and the style whether sober or extravagant. Based on these you must search for the perfect stones.

Always do your homework on these gems and get to know how color, clarity, cut and carat affect their look and worth. It is important that you buy them from a reputed source that furnishes the certificate of authenticity. Buying good quality, correctly priced stones should be your objective.

Next, look for a setting that complements your stones and the design. Opt for something simple or elaborate depending on your preference. Pick the setting in a metal that you like but also ensure it is in sync with the overall appearance of your piece. The setting decides the look of any piece to a great extent so select with care.

Finally it is time to go to a jeweler who will complete the piece and you will have your beautiful ring studded with pink sapphires.

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