Some unique settings for your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is probably the most important jewelry purchase that you will make in your whole life. Thus, it becomes more so important that you pay attention to all the intricate details of the rings. As important is the design, and the diamond of the ring, so is the setting in which a diamond is set in. A setting ensures that the diamond stays at its place forever and also contributes greatly in the whole look of the ring. Here are some of the unique settings for your engagement ring –

  1. Cathedral Setting – This setting is a beautiful combination of elegance and style. In this setting the shank below the center stone splits to form arches and open spaces. A perfect way to add a touch of royalty for all your life.
  2. Tension Setting – This one is truly unique. This ring setting gives an illusion of the center stone floating in air. Tension setting uses the metal at the sides to hold the stone securely at its place without any prongs. The tension between the metal and the stone is what hold the diamond at its place.
  3. Invisible Setting – It is another setting that is gaining much popularity in recent times. This setting places several small diamonds together and make them seem like one large diamond. This setting works great for people who do not have the budget of a big rock but do not want to settle for anything lesser.

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